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♥twisted tales of child pornography♥

and other self-indulgent crap.

·•†•·:p_Ai_Ni §_bE_Au_Ty:·•†•·
that which does not kill us, makes us stranger



..."it is easier for people to swallow an agreeable illusion than a bitter reality" -marquis de sade



† ♥N4T§ B4RE L3N§♥ †

6 opposites are equals 9

† ♥My§P4CE♥ †

aversion is nothing more than a lack of habit


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80s electro synthpop newwave, abstract beats, adult swim, aeon flux, aerial ballet, aerialists, aesop rock, aesthetics, agnostic, aldous huxley, alex gray, alice in wonderland, alternative lifestyles, amsterdam, analyzing, anarchy, anime, anthropology, antique electronics, aphex twin, astrobotnia, avant-garde, bdsm, beatnics, being obsessed, bettie page, bjork, body modification, bogdan raczynski, bondage, bong hits, boots, botany, buddhism, burlesque, ceephax, chris cunningham, classical music, corsetry, cosmology, cosplay, counter-cultures, cybergothic, cynicism, dancing, david lynch, digital cameras, divine, diy fashion, drill and bass, dualism, duckman, egypt, electronica, elegant gothic aristocrat, elegant gothic lolita, erich von gotha, erotic grotesque, europe, evolving, exotic cats, experimental music, female ejaculation, fetish clothing, film, fundamental analysis, funk, geishas, gothic/industrial music, graffiti, h.r. giger, hallucinogens, hedonism, hentai, homemade absinthe, hunter s. thompson, immanuel kant, jake slazenger, japanese street fashion, jazz, jm productions, john waters, learning, lesbian sex, logic, luke vibert, manga, marquis de sade, metamorphose, metaphysics, mind-expanding drugs, moi-même-moité, mouse on mars, neo-feminism, nin, ninja tune records, organics, orgies, peter chung, petticoats, philosophy, photography, pin-up girls, planet-mu records, political theory, pre-determinism, psychology, pucca, radiohead, red wine, religions, rephlex records, retromodern, robert anton wilson, s&m, sake, sam kieth, self-exploration, self-mastery, semantics, sextasy, silent horror films, skinny puppy, sociology, sorayama, space-age furniture, squarepusher, stanley kubrick, static trapeze, sushi, suspension, tantra, taoism, the bindlestiff family cirkus, timothy leary, tofu, tool, tori amos, traveling, u-ziq, underground cinema, venetian snares, victorian maiden, ♀♂, ,